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What Is The Cost Of Aquiring & Onboarding A New Customer? 

The Problem: Businesses who do not automate their sales and customer service in the next five years will be bought up, or put out of business by the ones who do. Good for the ones who do it, bad for the ones who don’t. Non-automated businesses simply won’t be able to compete with businesses who automate in terms of cost of aquisition, sales and  customer service teams etc.


It's time to start talking about small business automation in your company, specifically in the area of acquiring new leads and sales, followed closely by customer service. They really go hand in hand, especially when it comes to clearly defining your customer experience map, and costs from A-Z.


The Opportunity:  Business and sales automation tools that were only available to big guys like Amazon and Facebook are now becoming affordable for average sizes businesses.   Only in the last year have systems really come on-line to make this a reality.

The Solution:  Get a clear view into your business automation needs. In many cases, you don’t need to spend a lot, We always start with the tools you already have and make them more efficient.  We start with your website, email marketing, video strategy, Facebook ads etc.


Chatbot Warning: Brands who deploy chatbots effectively are going to lower their sales and customer service costs more than anything else the world has ever seen.  No exageration. Facebook is investing heavily into a.i. specifically in this area. Are you ready? You heard it here first.

In Your Value Packed, Free Automation Strategy Call You’ll Learn:  

  • How to increase automation in the systems you already have

  • How to calculate R.O.I. for your new automation plan   

  • Brand story checkup. Is your brand story lending itself to automation?

  • There’s an App for that! Let’s review apps and tools specifically for your niche.


Options For Every Budget:  Custom automation strategies starting at $1,500 for one time services, and monthly automation plans starting at $1,000.  *First strategy call is always free.

My Automation Clients Get:  One-on-one advice, custom strategies, proven sales automation tools we use everyday in our businesses, real time competitor research, and plans that evolve with your business as you grow, and as the market changes.


You’ll Save:  Hours of trial and error trying to figure this out yourself.  As we like to say, you are the expert in your business and with your customers. Let us help you serve them better.

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"It is not the strongest, or smartest who surive,

but those who are the quickest to adapt. "

- Darwin

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