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Good Things Take Time - Autmn Update

Updated: May 3, 2023

My schedule is buzzing with meaningful and worthwhile projects recently. It wasn't always this way and your physical location has a lot to say about the people you will collaborate with...or not. In a world gone digital, your local community still matters as much as ever. These days I find myself living in San Diego, but regularly traveling attending meetings and events between here, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. As a lifelong East Coaster, I'm not mad about the ample sunshine and health focused communities I am regularly part of. On the professional front, Growth Factor Network continues to evolve and take shape. Daily we are working on projects with clients to help them accelerate and amplify their message. Most businesses and leaders take a "bass-akwards" approach to their marketing and they start with graphics, video and design. We start with dollars, sense and performance. It's the difference that makes the difference. In today's data driven world you no longer need to guess and gamble with your marketing dollars. In my next post I will share all about the ecosystem we've built to help leaders and brands get cost effective digital marketing, message automation and amplification solutions. I wanted to launch our platform this month, but good things take time and if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. We are here to break the agency model and the stronghold they have over small businesses and startups. If you own or work for a business that you care about, let's talk about your digital marketing goals and budget. We find than when you have a good plan created by someone who knows what they are doing, you don't need much traffic and you don't need to spend a ton up front to see a meaningful result in your business bank account.

This photo was taken at a recent mastermind in Solana Beach, CA. One of the industries I've committed to supporting is the emerging plant-medicine niches that are seeking legalization in spite of the racially driven propaganda campaign that saw many of these helpful compounds placed on the "schedule 1" list in the Nixon administration.

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