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The 3 Rings Of Economic Freedom & Modern Leadership

As busy professionals we must make time for strategy, and self care.
Too busy for self care & learning? NEVER

Three rings of freedom

Time ⏰

Money 💰

Energy 💥

How you manage these determines your lifestyle and freedom. ☀️ Ironically, most apparently modern employees, and even entrepreneurs are stuck in the more effort, less results trap. As leaders, we pride ourselves on getting the job done, and grinding it out, but what if your do it all attitude was keeping you froachievingng the next level? IT IS. By the time you learn to do it all yourself, there's no time to run your business, or energy after work to start your new venture.

It's even worse for everyone else.

A majority who live in modern society trade a lot of their hours for a few dollars, with almost no sign of freedom in sight. #ratrace 🐀 but there’s hope.

A small percentage learn a skill, and can do a bit better, but are again stuck selling their hours for dollars. #better 🛠

👨🏼‍⚕️ Even if you have a high salary, consider the actual hour count, commute and stress factor, to reveal the true balance sheet. Compounded by the student loan/debt factor, of course. #heavy

🥵A few of us start businesses, and there the statistics are even worse.

🔮Most go broke at least once and burn over $200k of their own money, or worse, money borrowed from friends and family. Ouch!

📅 The journey often takes a decade or more, but the upside is there, if you have the stomach for it.

Over the last several years a new alternative has emerged. 🌊

Translating skills you already have into professional services and consulting.

*The world needs this now more than ever.

Fam, we live in a knowledge driven society! 👏🏼

The problem is, there are no schools who teach this(competently), and most would charge you too much, and tell you it takes four years to learn. 🤪

A better way forward? 🛸

You don’t need to go into debt, or waste years of your life trying to figure this out.

Three months ago I took seven students through my new Growth Factor course. 📶

Six graduated. One had to pause because of family reasons, and most of them were able to multiply their income with their home based businesses. ✅

Digital Economics 101 says there is already ample traffic on the web consisting of people wanting to buy your services. 💯 that’s a fact jack!

Even if it’s just the idea or invention in your head. Odds are, if you have a solution, you’ll have customers. ❕

🔐 The magic key is knowing how to access traffic reliably and efficiently.

💪🏼 With that you can make almost any business as successful as you want.

⛰ I’ve literally buried clients with customers.

🌃 Most existing businesses are losing millions per year by not understanding how to access this river of traffic. 🌊

This process works so consistently, I’ve made a career out of it. 📖

Is there shift you are wanting to make in your career?

Make a move. Don’t let the cement dry around your ankles.

Do you want to work on your terms, with your existing expertise, and call in clients like a magnet? 🧲

Do you want to name your own price? 💵

This works for physical goods, as well as knowledge work, and it’s a repeatable process. 📦

If you can follow furniture assembly instructions, and are disciplined enough to have a savings account, you can do this. 🗺

I even have programs where I help you every step of the way.

🧠 If you are ready for a shift, start taking action today and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to make good decisions.

Please tag, or share with someone who deserves to see success in 2020. #2020vision 👀

DM me if you’d like access to my free Digital Economics training. 📬

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