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What began as a frantic, late night Facebook message from a remote corner of the world, has turned into a life changing event.  

A Year of Progress

Now, with more than a year's worth of support and entrepreneur training, Musa is well on his way to his first real business.  All this from someone who had the courage to ask for help.  It started a late night, last ditch attempt to save his family from drought and starvation, but it became a lot more.

Musa, with no other choice sent out messages to whoever would listen.  His courage has birthed an international charity initiative to feed, water and nourish the minds of motivated individuals in less fortunate conditions.

You can read the unusual, but heart warming story here. 

The formal charity is launching in 2020

10 Seven Marketing LLC, and our partners continue to develop this process.


Right Now We're Sending

  • Used Electronics

  • Funding

  • Training

  • Material resources for students to use, learn and make a profit with. 

First Test Was Successful!  

Musa, a natural businessman took a small donation of about $100.00us, purchased a bulk lot of clothing, and during their 2019 holiday celebration, they were able to turn that into almost $230.   That's enough to feed their whole family for two months!

The rest of the story is here.  If you have electronics to contribute 
instructions for resetting your device are there too. 

If you are in a hurry, you can just donate Paypal This helps pay for shipping and logistics. 


Consider Sending $100, or Whatever You Can


Because of our eighteen-month track record of success, we are looking to double our efforts.  The immediate goal is to build a well so the family can continue their farming business, and save them precious hours each day traveling to the water supply about 1km away. 

Please help us continue this life-saving operation, and with your help, we can have the new well installed in the next several months. 

** We accept donations via Paypal because it remains one of the most secure ways to accept money online today. 

We manage all funds, and track all expenses carefully. 

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