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A Business That Grows, Vs. One That Wont!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

In last week’s blog we talked about the power of personal branding, and how that can lead directly to generating signifacnt revenue with your brand in the form of a small, home based business.

Kyle Dammann teaching a group of small business owners how to leverage the power of their brand, and get more traffic online
Kyle Dammann teaching a group of small business owners how to leverage the power of their brand, and get more traffic online

I'd like to introduce you to a world where people like yourself are making serious money working from home with skills and knowledge they already have. These are clients I work with every day, from all over the world.

Starting Has Gotten Way Cheaper, With Less Risk

I’ve been shocked in recent years by how simple and cheap starting a high paying home based, or micro-office business has become. It’s getting so good out here, and there is so much opportunity, I don’t understand why anyone desiring financial and personal freedom would want to be an employee anymore.

If you are reasonably good at managing a bank account, saving a percentage of your earnings, and if you can follow multi-step instructions, like assembling flat-pack furniture, then you can certainly run a successful business home based business.

Dont Chase Easy. Here’s why...

Starting a business isn’t exactly easy, but is anything worth having in life easy? However, just because it isn't easy, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard, difficult, or risky.

As a long time corporate digital marketer, I know for certain that you can receive massive amounts of traffic (prospects/customers) to your business in a few well planned weekly actions. (more on that shortly)

Most Businesses "Fail." Here's Why...

You’ve probably heard the statistics that a vast majority of businesses don’t last beyond 3 years. I would also like to add one more layer to this. Of the businesses that do succeed, most of those never break through cash scarcity. Meaning: Having more than 90 days overhead in the bank. They essentially become a slave to their business. Before we talk about how recent technology is making things easier than ever for entrepreneurs, experts, inventors and home based businesses to become seriously successful, I want to do some ghostbusting.

Most popular business talk is centered around how outside “market forces” such as any given popular social media platform, the president, or the economy can affect you and your ability to be successful. I would argue this is exactly why most fail. Afterall, as an entrepreneur, the way the modern legal system is setup (in your favor), you can never actually fail in business (in a permanent sense). To put it another way, all failures in business are a result of the leader giving up, or quitting.

There Is No Failure. Let me explain...

So we know most businesses “fail,” or more accurately the proprietor gives up.

In my experience, this is because she/he cannot see a way through their current situation. It feels like too much work for too little reward.

Typical issues manifest themselves as not enough sales, inability to hire/train and attract a good team, or sometimes costs are too high to make existing sales profitable, or worth the time.

I’ll be perfectly honest, that person, in that mindset should quit. Unless they are willing to become teachable. Unless that person is following a good plan, their perception of lack becomes their reality. So, that person sits there staring at the wall, or down at the floor, and they make a decision to hang it up. They call their partners, they call the bank, they call their friends and tell them the dream is over.

The Proprietor Can’t See a Way Through

Before I go any further, I want to throw a disclaimer in the mix. Failures are not to be judged in business. That would be like blaming a person for not knowing how to fly an airplane, even though they’ve never received proper flight instructions.

That doesn't mean you should try to fly a plane on day one of fight school!

The metaphor would continue by saying, you should go to business school, or undergo a decade of apprenticeship, or some other long, grueling and expensive process to learn how to master the running of a successful business.

In some ways, I would agree, but in many other ways, I would completely disagree because technology and social media have fundamentally changed the way we operate businesses in the new millennium.

What if there was a flight manual for flying a modern successful business that showed you a path to full time income, working part time from home? The game has certainly changed. Here’s how.

Now, here today. You don’t have to risk tons of money to start a business, you don’t have to go into debt and you don’t have to spend months and years sending out letters to find a successful mentor.

The Game Has Changed

Most aren’t aware, and strategies aside, YOU and your mindset, are still the number one primary ingredients for success in your life, or business. Not the government, not the economy, not your professor. YOU.

In The Real World of Running a Modern Business

Lack of vision is the number one failure point of an entrepreneur. This means the inability to see through and beyond the current challenge. This block is almost always temporary, and almost always an illusion.

If you find yourself at this place, promise yourself to use this as an excuse to learn and not to give up.

While you struggle in your business, there are others thriving, running similar businesses without much struggle. The only thing missing are the right perspectives, knowledge and a clear plan that YOU can execute powerfully.

A Good Reason To Quit - According to most people.

Most people would chalk it up to fate, luck or whatever. Most people would agree with you and talk you out of persisting.

That is why “most people” are not successful.

In next week’s article we’re going to discuss how to avoid the deep, broad trap of poor thinking that most people fall into.

A Flight Manual For Your Successful Thriving Business.

As a fifteen year corporate digital marketer, investor and entrepreneur, I’ve spent the last ten months deeply reviewing my “recipe for success” not just in business, but in my knack for driving mountains of low cost traffic to virtually any business that is ready for it. Time after time, project after project, I’ve been able to deliver windfalls of business using the power of the internet. Essentially, any client who wanted to pay me $10K+ per month, would benefit and profit from my services. Ten months ago, I set out to distill my process for massively growing brands and businesses, the aim was to make this technology and process available to home based businesses, startups and inventors.

Ten Months In....Here is what I found

The last ten months of effort have led to two general conclusions. 1. Running a business isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a proven plan to follow, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. 2. If you have maintained stable employment, or profit in your current business, you are probably ready to engage in a phase of growth, without massive financial risk.

If you consider yourself a reliable person, and you have a habit of saving money, you are probably ready to consider a 90 day growth cycle.

New Program Announcement

This article is the first time I’m announcing my new plans for small business marketing and growth phases. Looking back at my success stories, I kept seeing the same patterns within brands that grew, vs. the ones that didn’t. I call them growth factors. Don’t let the fact that you did not come from an entrepreneurial family hold you back.

Or maybe you have some business background, but you haven’t been able to crack the code for financial abundance and fulfilling work in your life.

To learn more about my Growth Factors small business course go to

In the next article we’re going to dive into the psychology of high integrity people who have developed a “success mind” vs. “most people” who never achieve financial and personal creative freedom.

Kyle Dammann is an investor, entrepreneur and educator. As a fifteen year corporate digital marketer, he is now sharing his secrets. Now you can apply those same strategies to your brand, startup and home based business. Learn more at

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