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How Employees Are Skipping The Line And Earning Real Income From Home

As fate would have it, Corona happened, and practically the entire world had a moment to pause and reflect in their careers and life direction. The truth is some industries will never come back, so maybe it's time to get a new plan. Some people spend years on the wrong plan, don't let that be you.

Even if you are employed, are you happy, fulfilled and rewarded in your current working life? I challenge you strongly to consider these next few pages. I wrote them to help you prepare for what's coming, and give you a peak around the corner into the economy of the future.

I will show you first hand how and why learning "modern digital economics" will change your career faster than anything else that you can invest your time and money into.

The first rule of new money.

The first rule of new money is that money isn't worth much without a way to make it grow. The good news is, the internet has made growing money easier than ever.

In an age where you have to spend years, and $60-$100k in school tuition just to make a comfortable living, is there a better way?

In an age where many face going into debt for decades to start their own business, people like myself and my colleagues are helping people build sustainable and automated businesses that can be operated from home.

Invest in your digital education.

If you don’t have the time now, click the button at the bottom of this page, and I’ll send the full story to your inbox.

The work from the home “automated-business revolution” has been happening all over the world, perhaps these days by force.. Are you ready?

Your Core Digital Leverage

Low cost business automation technology saves businesses time, it gives leaders greater time freedom, it can make you more money than your current job, and it’s better for the environment too.

There are two types of digital workers.

Digital employees and digital entrepreneurs. Whether you own or manage a business or department, staying home and handling business automation tools can bring a wealth of new business if you know which buttons to push.

We see it almost like a game. We are all pushing buttons and clicking away on our mouses, screens or tablets, but some of us can turn those clicks and gestures into sustained income and leverage, while some do not. Same action, different sequence, dramatically different result.

This is a live and up to date look at what is moving the digital economy these days, and how people are building lasting assets and stable full-time revenue with the knowledge that they already know, and products that they already sell.

In the next article you can learn my “Algorithm For Trust,” that will help you see “right through the digital matrix” just like my colleagues and I do.

For the few who have cracked the code, there’s simply no shortage of opportunity, while others sit, wait and worry.

For many who achieve digital success, it simply means being available for more family time, and being able to say no to an abusive boss, or toxic work environment.

The gap is widening. There is a large divide happening in the US workforce right now, and it’s primarily dictated by how well you understand and leverage technology in your position.

I’m not talking about being a highly technical computer genius, most apps we use to grow businesses these days can be run by someone who has a reasonable understanding of their Gmail account (literally). It wasn’t always this way.

I used to have to spend a lot of money and a ton more time building eCommerce websites and digital strategies from scratch, all before I could make my first dollar. Now, I help clients set up in an afternoon, many are taking payments by the next morning.

My argument is this:

If a college dropout like myself can do this, so can you.

Business and sales automation tools have gotten so good, and so cheap it’s really worth considering.

Not only that, the technology can be deployed so easily that you don’t have to be a tech guru, or need to live in front of your computer to run a $5-10K/mo business, from your home or local office. I personally do this with about 6-10 hours per week of screen time. An automated sales and lead generator for your home, or business. The biggest one we built peaked in 2018 at about $400K/mo (yes $400K/mo). I can speak from personal experience that these simple sales automation systems are valid, real and they can work for almost any business, brand, invention, or specialty service.

Believe it or not, there are people online making a great income teaching people how to train their pet parakeet, literally. #nojoke. Skip the line, or keep learning? For those that are in a hurry, but would like to read the rest of this, you’re looking at about another 15-25 minutes. If you don’t have the time now, click this link, scroll down, enter details at the bottom, and I will email you the second half.

Your job is not guaranteed.

To some, a lot of what I cover in the next two articles might sound too good to be true, and if you want to be skeptical without doing your research, that’s your choice. I used to downplay the results we’ve been able to produce because for some reason it makes others uncomfortable, or they think we are lying.

Effort is not rewarded in the new economy. Results Are.

People are spending 4 years and $100K to learn a skill, or face decades of debt to become an entrepreneur.

It does not have to be this way. End the risk, stop the stress and uncertainty .

  • College debt.

  • Business debt.

  • A third way.

  • Your choice.

The third way.

Are you willing to consider a future where you don’t need a stomach full of risk, mountains of debt and years of your life wasted to build your own assets and revenue streams?

After investing well over $10k in my digital education in the last several years, I have used that knowledge to generate over $8M in business for my clients . I call that a good investment.

Your Digital Education

Almost no one is competently teaching this stuff outside of a few people. Most try to rope you into months, even years of learning, and most of their students, or clients never finish their programs.

My network of digital professionals has created an all new format and learning platform for digital entrepreneurship, which we outline below and talk about in part 3 of this guide, so if you want to skip over directly to the meat and potatoes you can get your full, free training here. As many face economic uncertainty, I feel obligated to share this.

Real-world experts (like you) who can educate have huge earning potential online. This is especially true for the massive ocean of underpaid, highly educated and qualified teachers, professors, and scientific professionals of the world. The new economy needs your expertise, and will pay you well for it.

Truth is you already have expertise in one, or several areas that can be monetized online.

See through the matrix. Those who can see through this digital matrix yield massive power and influence, and they will be the decision-makers who shape the future world we will all live in.


The second rule of new money.

"Traffic is the new oil."

Traffic is the second rule of new money. Jeff Bezos is quoted saying “data is the new oil.” He’s wrong (at least partially) because one of the primary reasons data is valuable is because it lets you drive tremendous amounts of traffic to your website in a very cost-effective way.

Did you see the growth rate of Amazon?

An unlimited river of traffic awaits.

As a 10+ year marketing and technology consultant, I can tell you with certainty that there are enough traffic and paying customers out there for practically any niche you want to specialize in. I mean that literally.

On that same token, I estimate that less than 30% of small businesses are tapping into this stream of traffic effectively. That’s like dying of thirst beside a lake. How do I know?

I “cracked” the traffic code when the internet was young. In 2006 at age 24, I found myself brokering million-dollar international freight relationships all because I started an early Powersports website that went global.

At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing (no one really did), but I know the results were real. Now, over ten years later I've repeated this type of hockey stick growth curve for brands in many categories, I have a repeatable formula. Kyle! Is it really that easy tho, Yo?

Yes, but only if you understand this point. My tenth-grade marketing teacher walked in front of the class on our first day and asked us: “If you build a better mousetrap, will the world beat down your door to buy it from you?”

She said: The answer is almost always NO.

One time or another, we’ve all had an idea, vision, or dream of a product that could help others, or even change the world. Most inventors and entrepreneurs actually fail because of a lack of customers, not because of a lack of a good product, or genuine desire to serve their customers. Sales automation for your business?

The irony is, an automated website (that you can build in a weekend) can take care of the "sales" problem almost on autopilot.

Calling it autopilot is not entirely accurate. It’s more like: if you can go to Lowes, buy a generator, read the instructions, fill it with gas, check the oil and keep it going, then you can run an automated business website.

Once built and tuned in, maintenance on your “business machine” can take as little as an hour or two per week. If you want the actual instruction manual for your generator, it’s in part three here.

If you want to understand the primary feature that these systems use, I share it with you below, and it’s actually very easy to understand, but I want to challenge you to consider something first.

This knowledge is worthless, without a plan of action. (STRONG EMPHASIS!!!!)

You don’t actually want the knowledge that I’m about to share with you, you want the results that this knowledge can produce for you and your family, if you take action on it.

Here is a quick framework...

Does your business, or employer have a million dollars in the basement?

If you have a digital property that has traffic, you can always make money with it, or sell it.

Often, for a pretty penny. Traffic is the primary currency of the new economy. Yes, it is driven by data as Bezos suggests, but if data is paper, then traffic is the printed currency.

Most small businesses, many who struggle to meet payroll each week, are sitting on million dollar digital properties and they don’t even know it. I know it for a fact, and yet to this day many businesses and leaders approach this information with skepticism and fear.

That is their loss, will it be yours? Are you ready for the knowledge, or more importantly, are you willing to do something about it, once you learn this? I hope so, because I’m willing to bet there are people in your life who would benefit from you being around more and making more money in the process. My million-dollar secret… Every accomplished digital entrepreneur like myself knows that there is practically an unlimited supply of traffic to support any *small business, ($4-35K/mo) in almost any given specialty, or niche.

Best of all, you don’t need a business degree to make this happen. Nor do you need a bunch of debt, risk and complication. If you can manage a bank account and you have a habit of saving money. You can do this. The game has changed fam!

For digital marketers like myself, this “river of traffic” is so consistent, we base our entire careers on it.

This river is actually a power source, (like a generator) but it only works if you put your wheel in the water, and let the meter spin! $$$

Most fail because most never put their wheel in the water. They accept a paycheck to take care of someone else’s wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-corporation, but most corporations are outdated, bureaucratic, and quite frankly, operating at a very low level of efficiency.

Some of you after reading this might even go on to help the company that you work for to maximize their undervalued website using this traffic flow concept.

What size generator do you need?

How much power you need is up to you. If you need more power, build a bigger wheel and get more juice. Sure, there are always outside market forces, but with good free data & research, you can literally look right through the water and see if there are any “customers” to be had.

Eliminate the guesswork.

That way you never have to risk, you never have to guess, you simply build a path to the river. This analogy holds true on another level and will mean the difference between success and failure for you, and many businesses in the future.

But first, a warning...

This is the end of part 1. In part 2 I’m going to increase the “business talk” for those who have a more corporate background. That way we can talk dollars, cents and scaling one of these engines to "mother ship level."

Sales automation systems can power a large company, just as well as they can fuel a home or small business.

I know because I’ve done it. Our video library has a 12-week course that was built specifically for eager professionals who have been looking for the doorway to sustained home-based revenue that you can build while working full time while raising a family.

Not only that, I’ve spent the last 12 months assembling a team of accomplished digital marketing experts and guides from some of the most well-known brands in the USA that are ready to help Growth Factor members every step of the way.

If you want to skip the corporate speak in part two, you can get the free playbook and review our student testimonials here.

As we shift to part two (the business section) of this series, it’s important that you know we have advanced “fast track” programs for leaders with existing business experience as well.

Leaders are always readers.

Going forward, I will refer to you as a leader and an entrepreneur because leaders are always readers.

While most people bounce around from opinion to opinion on the web, you’ve spent the time to read this today, to get the facts and invest in your knowledge. Finish this and watch your brain grow 2-3 sizes!

"You never get paid for delivering a pizza halfway to the customer’s house!"

Welcome entrepreneurs, leaders, and inventors to the new economy.

You invested your time so far, but just like any business, you don’t get paid for delivering a pizza halfway to the customer’s house. Therefore I’m challenging you to invest the final twenty minutes, and get through parts two and three of this story.

Don’t get blown away by automation. By finishing this will set yourself ahead of 90% of the population in terms of understanding where the economy, and most importantly where sales automation is headed because it will shake up a lot of small businesses in the next several years if they aren’t prepared.

Stop Reading Now.

If you want to work for the man the rest of your days, building his assets, while you work long hours, missing important life and family events, while living on someone else’s schedule, then stop reading now.

If you like the idea of leveraging your existing knowledge, by plugging into some new ideas and concepts, the second article will give you a birds-eye view of the modern economy as told by people who see technology and brand building at a master level.

To Growth Factor members, technology is a tool and means to save time, automate repetitive tasks and live a better life all around.

Are you ready to leverage automation and build a better life?

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