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Q: Where Are All The Good Workers Going?

The "Great Resignation" is nothing more than people leaving lazy, reactive and outdated companies and going to better ones. They aren't going to Mars...yet.

As I travel across the country to work in San Diego and Los Angeles the next few months, I've had to reflect on what really matters. Most of us will spend most of our waking hours working, or contributing to an organization in some way, so this information is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and connected to health, uplifting and supportive work environments.

We simply have more high-paying options now than at any point in history. If nothing else, you can flip a switch on your phone and drive taxi, or deliver meals without the need to interact with reactive, under-trained oppressive leadership hierarchies of yesterday's bloated corporations. The game is changing, and just like when the dinosaurs died out a new species of business is emerging right under their lead-feet.

Do you work for an old-paradigm company or a new paradigm company?

Old Paradigm Companies: That don't take care of their employees (fail to focus on wellness, living wage and work-life balance) simply aren't able to compete with the ones who do. I know this because I help companies get up to speed on a daily basis. It simply comes with the territory of building powerful marketing campaigns that drive growth and shake-up old paradigms by definition.

"When the marketing is good (which it will be if you work with me), and traffic is flowing, the next bottleneck is always maintaining a well-trained, motivated staff to ensure quality-control, compliance, and on-time delivery." ~ Kyle Dammann

Don't buy into the excuses of reactive leadership. Those who celebrate overwork, effort absent boundaries, and distraction culture.

Maybe nobody told you, but the war is over and you don't have to suffer or endure a toxic work environment any longer than you believe you have to.

The companies I help and work with daily are on the path to being a "New Paradigm" companies and they simply follow the data. *Link is to Harvard Business Review.

What does the data say?

Thanks to great organizations like Harvard Business Review, my team and I operate on decades of good science and personal experience that says companies who take care of their people and don't overwork them are more productive and profitable than the ones who don't. I've used that study above to help shift work culture in teams of 100+ and it wasn't easy, but it permanently changed their work culture for the better. They worked less hours and productivity went up. What a concept!

In most cases, a troubled, or reactive company culture can be turned around in a few months if they are willing to have open and honest conversations with their leadership and team, but company culture is like concrete, after it sets, it doesn't usually change after the first five years.

A big part of this is leveraging your unique skills and intrinsic interests, instead of your time/effort/labor with simple automation tools like a CRM, Pay Per Click Ads, and Video Funnels.

I don't know, we live in a strange time where some people are still using fax machines, bitching about the president and blaming their boss, when transformation and freedom is always an inside job.

Are you ready for a new narrative?

Nobody is making you stay in a bad working environment but you (and your spending habits), so today I'm challenging you to kill the victim narrative (at home, at work and in your head) and evolve the conversation.

This post is for anyone who is looking to change the conversation at work, or with yourself professionally.

We have good data and 20 years of first-hand experience to support why investing in your team's education, health and wellness (and simple automation tools) pays dividends. I'm happy to provide any feedback or case studies for anyone willing to stand in the light and facilitate change in your organization. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it and in today's economy critical to your economic survival.

It's not opinion, it's science. #itscalledsciencetimmy

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