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The First Rule Of New Money - (Part 1) THRIVING in ANY Economic Condition

UPDATE: Over the last ten months, I’ve condensed my fifteen+ years of marketing and business growth results, into a brand new type of marketing service for small businesses. We are calling it Growth Factor Network.

We had two goals:

1. dramatically lower the cost of effective campaigns for clients, and

2. produce results faster than ever before. As fate would have it, just as I was ready to launch, COVID-19 (Corona) happened. Now practically every business needs to automate and digitize more of their business than ever.

This information has now become mandatory for small businesses and is only intended for people who serve their market with a genuine product or service that is aimed at helping others.

The pandemic-proof business model.

Corona means running a business from home has now become imperative. Even if you have a brick and mortar location, your ability to source low-cost leads and customers online will determine your success and survival.

When things get back to normal (and they will, mostly) you can either look back at this time and say, “this is when we got ahead,” or say, “this is when we waited, froze and now we’re stuck, or even further behind than before.” Your choice.

The truth is you don’t have to spend a ton, bury yourself in debt, and pay out the nose for great marketing, websites and content anymore! 15 Years Of Consistent Results In 2006, I “cracked the code” on driving low-cost digital leads and sales to small businesses. This windfall of traffic and commercial attention had me brokering million-dollar international shipments at the ripe old age of 24.

It was actually harder back then, and often more expensive. Today, the tools we use have gotten so cheap and easy to use, it’s a no brainer. On top of that, results can happen much faster these days. It’s a simple repeatable process.

A process that I share with you in this short story. In a time where everyone is wondering what to do next, I hope you’ll consider the information contained here. The virtually driven economy is here to stay.

Money and opportunity moves differently in the new economy, and it’s my mission to prepare to help you make the shift. That’s why I call this series “The New Rules Of Money.”

I’ve been talking about the “new economy” for almost a decade, but thanks to Corona, it’s finally here to stay, and businesses who don't automate and digitize their client getting process will not be able to compete with those who do. To put it simply, the cost to acquire a customer digitally is way cheaper than ever before, if you build your content and website correctly.

Listen fam...

If the course of the river changes, don’t dig your heels in, and die where you stand. Learn where the river is going, and move to the water.

These pages will help you do just that, but it won't be here forever.

I’m working with a publisher to have this produced, and in a few months, people will have to pay for it in a bloated book (to justify the $25.00 price tag.) So please consider this early invitation to “upgrade your mental software” and get ahead of this curve while you can. New Money, New Economy, Your Expertise

In an age where you have to spend years, and $60-$100k+ in tuition just to make a comfortable living, or face going into debt for decades to start your own business, I and my colleagues are helping people build sustainable and automated business operations they can run from home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Reserve the next 15-20 minutes.

If you don’t have the time to learn this now, enter your details here, and I’ll send it directly to your inbox.

Where is your digital leverage?

"Whether you own, or help manage a business, staying home and handling the marketing, social media and operations can dramatically lower costs and bring a wealth of new business, if you know which buttons to push."

Think of it like a video game.

We are all pushing buttons and clicking away on our mouses or tablets, but some of us can turn those clicks and gestures into sustained income and leverage, while some can not. That’s why I call it “cracking the digital growth code,” and you can do it to. Same actions, different sequence, dramatically different result.

The gap is widening. There is a large divide happening in the US economy right now, and it’s primarily dictated by how well you understand and leverage technology in your position. I’m not talking about being a highly technical computer genius, most apps we use to grow businesses these days can be run by someone who has a reasonable understanding of their Gmail account (literally). You no longer have to be a computer genius to effect massive change. It wasn’t always this way.

I used to have to spend a lot of money and a ton more time building and programming eCommerce websites and digital strategies from scratch, all before we could make our first dollar. Now, I help clients set up in an afternoon, and many are taking payments by the next morning. It works even better if you have an existing brick and mortar business.

The point I’m making is that business and sales automation tools have gotten so good, and so cheap it’s really worth considering. Not only that, but the technology can be deployed so easily that you don’t have to be a tech guru, or need to live in front of your computer to add an extra $10-30K/mo to your business, from your home or local office. I personally do this with about 6-10 hours per week of screen time on average. Not bad right? Technology can help a business in a lot of ways, but for most of this guide we will talk about the main Main MAIN thing that a business needs to survive. Leads and sales. An automated sales and lead generator for your digital or physical business is not complicated, it's not even new. They can work for a home based business, and just as well as for a large company. (I've built them for both.) ONLY in the last five years has this technology become accessible and affordable to any small, or home based business. FAM! DO _ YOU _ KNOW _ HOW _ HUGE _ THIS IS?????? The thing that kills 90% of businesses and startups D-E-A-D is now hardly an issue! The biggest one we built peaked at about $400K/mo (yes $400K/mo), so I can speak from personal experience that these simple sales automation systems are valid, real and they can work for almost any business, brand, invention or specialty service. You can use this for any kind of business, or any kind of expertise as long as you are willing to apply the process. I call it

"Installing the Growth Factors In Your Business."

Believe it or not, there are people online making a great income teaching people how to train their pet parakeet. #nojoke. For those seeking a new venture, this means YOU can get paid online with the knowledge that you already have, or the product/service you’ve always wanted to create and sell. For existing businesses, this means you can add a new revenue stream and stabilize your cash flow with your existing products and services. I have done this many times for our clients. Skip the line, or keep reading? For those that are in a hurry, but would like to read the rest of this, you’re looking at about another 15-20 minutes (less if you’re a fast reader), so if you don’t have the time now, click this link, enter your details, and I will email you the full story.

What is your time worth?

In an age where people are spending 4 years and $100K to learn a skill, or go into debt for decades to start a business, we need a more sensible option.

___ College debt.
___ Business & Startup Debt.
___ A Third Way?
___ Your Choice.

A third way?

Are you willing to consider a future where you don’t need a stomach full of risk, mountains of debt and years of your life wasted to earn a living?

I have personally invested well over $120k in my digital education, and I want to make sure you never have to do the same. (Unless you want to, in which case you should!) All things considered, this knowledge has helped me generate over $10M in business for my clients using the strategies outlined below. I'll keep it quick...

In summary, here is what you MUST know about today’s digital money-making landscape.

1. Almost no one is competently teaching this stuff only outside of a small hand-full on the internet. Don't get me wrong, there are courses out there, and they will happily take your money as you dive into hours of terribly organized, poorly taught lessons.

2. Those who do it well charge A LOT of money just to learn their information. If you want their help doing it, it will cost you even more! A lot more.

3. There are online courses out there (more than ever), but most of them are made by people with what I call “narrow” experience in a small area of the web.

What you end up with is a lot of very expensive digital marketing courses, very steep learning curves and, quite frankly, terrible customer service and ongoing support. Your knowledge is your leverage & the real formula for digital success.

All digital success that you’ve heard about, I mean all of it, from Amazon, to Facebook and everyone in between, must obey these three rules in order to be successful.

The ONLY Rules Necessary For Digital Success

1. You must be able to locate low cost web traffic.

2. You must turn the traffic into an audience through automated trust building.

3. You must convert that audience into paying customers with offers.

That’s it!

It doesn't have to cost a lot either. I teach new businesses to build $20/mo Wix sites, and have their own sales automation systems up and running in a weekend. You can even use your existing social media pages as well.

Brands and leaders who can apply these three rules have huge earning potential online. Best of all, it’s a process you can learn about and apply in your life and business today.

If you already have a product or service, or you work for someone who does, you can help boost the financial future of your organization with these tools. The business nuts and bolts can be found in the next article, as well as our free Growth Code Playbook.

The greatest shift of power in three generations is here.

The power has shifted away from major media outlets and it has landed right in the laps of companies like yours and to leaders like you. However, this knowledge and power is worthless unless you have a good plan and take action on that plan!

Here Is what you must know if you want to succeed in this brave new economy.

Most businesses who try this get on Facebook and Youtube and treat it like a billboard. They simply advertise their business, and they usually waste a ton of time and money doing it.

I hear it all the time. They come to me saying “I paid all this money, and we didn’t get any results.” It’s an example of taking action without a good plan. #cartbeforehorse

Ironically, a home-based business with a good plan can outperform a mega-brand with an outdated “billboard marketing philosophy.”

People with outdated concepts think they must "get their name out there," in a spray and pray approach, when people like myself know for a fact that the digital sales automation game is won by simply providing valuable and useful knowledge to your audience, and seeking to genuinely help solve their problems.

This economic opportunity especially lucrative for the massive ocean of underpaid, college educated professionals of the world. The new economy needs your expertise and will pay you very well for it. We teach this in Growth Factor as well.

Truth is you already have expertise in one, or several areas that can be monetized.

This entire series is secretly built to help you gain a clear digital economics perspective and make a meaningful decision to improve your career and to push the odds of success back in your favor.

They just don't teach this stuff in schools fam! Nothing against colleges. Sometimes I even volunteer and teach college students this stuff because universities are so far behind the curve with this stuff. It ain't pretty fam.

Remember, you can now change your financial destiny in a few weekends of learning and application per week, with no debt! Knowledge Is Power

The next few pages will help you clearly understand how a “modern digital business” works, and why most people who try them fail. If you can see through this “digital matrix,” you can yield massive power and influence in your career, and those who do will be the decision-makers who shape the future world that we will all live in. This same process played a critical role in the last two presidential elections.

Traffic is the new oil.

Traffic is the first rule of new money. Jeff Bezos is quoted saying “data is the new oil.” He’s wrong (at least partially) because one of the primary reasons data is valuable is because it lets you drive a tremendous amounts of traffic to your website or brand in a very cost-effective way.

Did you see the growth rate of Amazon?

An unlimited river of traffic and opportunity awaits.

As a professional web strategist, I can tell you with certainty that there is enough traffic and paying customers out there for practically any niche you want to specialize in. I mean that literally.

Remember, if someone can make a great living teaching you how to train your pet parakeet, you can monetize anything these days, provided you are committed to genuinely serving your audience with helpful goods and services.

I estimate less than 30% of small businesses are tapping into this stream of traffic effectively. That’s like dying of thirst right beside a river.

Q: Is it really that easy tho, Yo?

A: Is working for 50+ years for an employer (making them rich) while you sock enough away for a humble retirement at the sacrifice of nearly ALL your dreams easy?

Compared to that, you can learn this entire process in a few weekends, and begin applying it into your life and business (or employers business) in the next few months, and massively increase your marketplace value while doing it. Perspective is everything.

The one thing you must understand about modern business.

My tenth-grade marketing teacher walked in front of the class on our first day of class and asked us: “If you build a better mousetrap, will the world beat down your door to buy it from you?”

She said:

"The answer is almost always NO!."

One time or another, we’ve all had an idea, vision, or dream of a product that could help others, or even change the world, but very few profit from these ideas. Most inventors and entrepreneurs don’t actually fail because of a bad product, they fail because of a lack of customers and awareness.

The irony is, an automated website (that you can build in a weekend) can take care of that problem almost on autopilot.

Calling it autopilot is not entirely accurate. It’s more like: if you can go to Lowes, buy a generator, read the instructions, and keep it going, then you can run an automated business website.

Once built and tuned, maintenance on your “business machine” can take as little as an hour or two per month. I created an instruction manual on how to do just that, If you want to jump to the actual goods, it’s in Part 3. Click here.

I share my full overview with you below.

If you want to understand the primary dynamic that these systems use, I share it with you below, and it’s actually very easy to understand, but I want to challenge you to consider something first.

Knowledge is worthless, without a plan of action.

Believe it or not, you don’t actually want the knowledge that I’m about to share with you, you want the results the knowledge can produce for you and your family.

Here is a quick framework, and then I’ll spill the beans, are you taking notes? :)

Does your business, or employer have a million dollars in the basement?

If you have a digital property that even has a small amount of traffic, you can always make money with it, or sell it. Usually for a pretty penny. Think of it like real estate, but online.

"Traffic, Traffic, Traffic is the new Location, Location, Location!"

Traffic is the primary currency of the new economy. Yes, it is driven by data as Bezos suggests, but if data is like paper, then traffic is the printed currency.

Most small businesses, many who struggle to meet payroll each week, are sitting on million dollar digital properties and they don’t even know it!

Are you ready for the knowledge, or more importantly, are you willing to do something about it, once you learn this? I hope so, because I’m willing to bet there are people in your life who would like to see you work fewer hours, and make more money. The million-dollar secret… Every accomplished digital entrepreneur like myself knows that there is practically an unlimited supply of traffic to support any *small business ($4-30K/mo) in almost any given specialty, or niche.

Best of all, you don’t need a business degree to make this happen. Nor do you need a bunch of debt, risk and complication. If you can manage a bank account and you have a habit of saving money. You can do this. The game has changed fam!

For digital marketers like myself, this “river of traffic” is so consistent, we base our entire careers on it.

However, this power source only works if you put your “wheel” in the water, and let the meter spin! $$$ Trouble is, most never put their wheel in the water. They accept a paycheck to take care of someone else’s wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-corporation, but most corporations are outdated, bureaucratic, and quite frankly, operating at a very low level of efficiency. Some of you after reading this might even go on to help the company that you work for to maximize their undervalued website using this traffic flow concept. You might as well get paid to help your employer to learn how to do this, before you go out and build one for yourself.

What size generator do you need?

How much power you need is up to you. If you need more power, build a bigger wheel and get more juice. Sure, there are always outside market forces, but with good free data and research, you can literally look right through the water and see if there are any “customers” to be had.

Eliminate the guesswork.

When we use good data we never have to risk, we never have to guess, you simply build a path to the river.

But First, A Warning

I’m going to increase the “business jargon” in Part 2. That way we can talk dollars, cents and scaling one of these engines to mother ship level.

They can power a large company, just as well as they can fuel a home or small business. I know because I’ve done it. To wrap up Part 2, our video library has a 12-week course that was built specifically for eager professionals who have been looking for the doorway to sustained home-based revenue. It's a step by step blueprint that you can build working full time while raising a family. A couple hours a week is all you need.

On top of that I’ve also spent the last 10 months assembling a team of accomplished digital experts from some of the most well-known brands in the USA that are eager and ready to help Growth Factor members every step of the way.

If you want to jump to the dollars and cents, you can get the free playbook and review our student testimonial videos here. Lives are being changed with this knowledge.

As we shift to Part 2 of this three-part sequence, it’s important that you know we also have advanced “fast track” programs for people with existing businesses and corporate experience.

Leaders are always readers.

Going forward, I will refer to you as a leader and an entrepreneur because leaders are always readers. You had the sense to invest your time into learning this information, and I aim to make sure it is rewarded.

While most people bounce around from one shiny object to the next, you’ve spent the time to read this today. Consider our team of accomplished developers and Facebook ads managers inside the Growth Factor members area. Do you think they would rather work with someone who was willing to read and learn about this process, or some random what we call “trouble-making client” who doesn’t listen, and doesn’t work with us as a team to produce results?

Welcome entrepreneurs, leaders, and inventors to the new economy.

You invested your time so far, but just like in any business, you don’t get paid for delivering the pizza halfway to the customer’s house. Therefore I’m challenging you to invest the final twenty minutes, and get through Parts 2 and 3 of this story.

Gain a competitive edge today. Don’t get buried by the automation revolution. By finishing this will set yourself ahead of 90% of the population in terms of understanding where the economy, and most importantly where sales automation is headed because it will shake up a lot of small businesses in the next several years if they aren’t prepared.

Stop Reading Now.

If you want to work “the old way” for the rest of your days, struggling, while you work long hours, missing important life and family events, while living on someone else’s schedule, then stop reading now.

If you like the idea of leveraging your existing knowledge, by plugging into some new ideas and concepts, by people who have already done it, the second article will give you a birds-eye view of the modern economy as told by people who see technology and brand building at a high level.

To Growth Factor members, technology is a tool and means to save time, automate repetitive tasks and live a better life all around.

Are you ready to leverage automation and build a better business? Continue to Part 2. The Second Rule Of New Money and The New Economy.

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