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When Your Energy Is Right, Everything Else Flows.

PROBLEM: Is your path unclear?

SOLUTION: Probably too much force, and not enough flow. Please allow me to explain...

If you're like me, I've always been skeptical of anything impractical, or concepts that might sound like a polite quib, or pleasantry that probably doesn't hold water in real life application.

As you read this, there might even be a voice saying, yeah right, this stuff is B.S., or this is that woo-woo stuff.

Now that I've been at this lifestyle business building thing for the last 7-10 years, I can say with evidence, your energy and attitude makes a big difference in what results and opportunities show up in your life.

Ironically, it's these deep seated biases that often cause use to disqualify ourselves from allowing passive, and massive amounts of income into our lives.

That's too good to be true we say. Sure, sometimes that is the case, but not in every case.

The truth is, great opportunities can come to you in ways, and through avenues you probably can't quite imagine. I'm not sure how it works, but I know for certain my attitude and the energy I carry throughout my day make a difference in how things turn out for me.

Most of us are too busy grinding and putting in effort (often resentfully) making our employers rich, and depleting our health at the same time .

It's a paradigm issue, typically

I'm sincerely sorry if you've bought into the old paradigm of work your ass off till you can't anymore and use the money you hoarded to mend your aging body into a dry-ass retirement. This is how I was raised and it can be a hard pattern to break, but this concept and the people who follow it are going the way of the dinosaurs.

I am not sorry if you chose to continue down that path because you always have a CHOICE, because things have changed A LOT over the last twenty years. New technology makes generating your own income very real, but it's up to you to create a new path, which you certainly can do, often with the skills you ALREADY have.

There's a lot of talk about productivity these days. Most of us are trying to jolt, shock and cajole ourselves into more output, without first considering the quality of the output we are trying to increase. In this time of feverous calls towards economic output, record employment rates, revenue, income, entrepreneurship, hustle, grind and all the rest, there is another path forming.

Autonomous, healthy, thriving and vibrant lifestyles.

A quiet path full of relatively normal people, set on living and building meaningful, abundant lives. Autonomous, healthy, thriving and vibrant lifestyles. In some ways this path has always existed, in other ways, very recent advancements in technology have made it possible for larger and larger amounts of people to partake in this lifestyle.

It doesn't matter what you call it

Some call it the laptop lifestyle, others call it passive income, some even build this type of income, then they go out and run charities, elected offices and other passion projects.

No matter what you call it, or why you do it, living an abundant life on your terms requires one thing primarily. Your ability to understand and master your unique creative energy. We all have so many thoughts and choices that we can make in a day, the quality of them (output) will determine the quality of the life you receive in return (feedback).

It's not your fault, but it is your problem to fix.

This was a hard one for me. The sooner you can drop blame on the government, your parents, religion, or whatever external force you give unneeded amounts of power and attention to, you can begin to harness your true creative power, but again, most people get this upside down.

You are a human being, not a human-doing.

We Are a Bio-electric Battery

Our bodies work like bio-batteries that work best when given alternating periods of creative cycles and rest, for both our mind, and our bodies. Early on, many of us are taught to give beyond what feels good to us, and that there is some reward for suffering. I haven't found it. Have you? If you have, please let me know immediately. ;)

Energy is everything and we are all made of it. ⚡️

Were a lot like a living-battery. Sometimes we get drained 🔌 and need to recharge 🔋. More and more, mainstream scientists are beginning to recognize this, and it’s now becoming more apparent that even ancient civilizations and various tribes also knew this in their own way. 💠

Our daily emotional state, or (vibe) determines affect our environment literally, and it certainly affects our ABILITY to make high quality decisions and to think clearly. can prove that your heart emits a large electromagnetic field around your body with each beat, and that field fluctuates depending on our emotional state.

Their studies over two decades have also proven that the fastest way to put a troubled heart back into “coherence” is to zoom out and think of things we are grateful for. 🌲

Gratitude Is The Energetic Fulcrum

Myself, Rob Wentz and Steve Snowden at a real estate seminar in Lancaster PA. Hint. None of us were involved in real estate at the time, but we always keep your minds engaged in education and wealth building.

The emotional state of gratitude fills our body with positive feel good chemcials like seretonin and dopamine. They help repair our DNA, and restore cellular function. Negative thoughts can fill our bodies with stress (fight or flight) hormones that can have the opposite effect.

This might be difficult at first, but if we can practice remembering to stop and take a deep breath, this can really help us control our thoughts and emotions so we can recharge, refocus and thus access clearer and better solutions from a more centered place.

So if you’re feeling drained, or the path feels unclear, take a walk in nature, take a walk anywhere you can, and breathe!

Put space between external triggers, and the response you give them. 🏔 When we learn more and more, to access and harness our unique creative style and rhythm, we become more and more powerful and creative in our lives and business.

Yield Not To Struggle

If you find yourself struggling to turn your creative passions into sustained revenue in a lifestyle you desire. I want to invite you to stop struggling today. You do not have to struggle.

The day you graduated school, you stopped getting rewarded for effort. As an adult you only get paid for results, but results do not come from struggle. Results come from mastery over a process. I mean you can struggle through the process if you want, but you wont get any trophies from me. 🤓

If you want to call following instructions, clicking a mouse and typing a struggle, then that is your call.

These days people are building simple websites and earning $10K+ per month in their first 6 months of business. They don't have to go to school, go into debt, or feel around blindly in the dark. However, if you want to call following instructions, clicking a mouse and typing a struggle, then that is your call.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't say it was easy. But if you can put together an Ikea dresser by following multi-step instructions and manage a bank account, you can run a six figure home based business.

Struggle and effort are the mindset of the poor. And that's okay, many of us have inherited some degree of poverty consciousness. Most of us never got to truly understand our unique creative styles, so we end up copying mom, dad, or uncle bill, and who knows if your unique way of working is even close to theirs, so if it doesn't feel right to you, it probably isn't.

Even if you manage to collect some money in your EFFORT, you may pay for it with your health, and a stingy, cobweb wallet that tries to desperately hold on to that HARD earned money that always seems to be leaving your pocket no matter how hard you try.

Don't get me wrong, you can get all sorts of pitty for your struggle. From your family especially, and probably from your boss too. This can keep you trapped in a soul sucking, approval seeking, life draining feedback loop.

There is a way into the lifestyle you want, and it starts with a decision to begin dropping the old story of struggle out of your daily narrative. It's taken me ten plus years to master this process, but it's worth every minute.

I can promise you that you'll probably never run a thriving enjoyable business if you have these patterns going on in your daily thoughts, holding you back. I know because I've tried. But these patterns can change over time with consicous attention.

It’s time to weed the garden, yes?

  • Ease up on yourself

  • Eliminate toxic people from your life

  • Ignore that internal narrative of self criticism

  • Commit to making a change, no matter how long it takes

  • Saturate yourself with high quality, positive information and perspectives

Why now is the best time ever to start a business

Several years ago, to start an online business you had to hire a programmer, cough up $10-$100K or more to get your website started, and this is all before you make your first dollar. Technology has gotten cheaper and easier to run by yourself. Reaching customers has become ridiculously cheap and easy.

Along with growing a business, these days I'm committed to helping you understand your unique creative and leadership style as well as your ability to turn that energy into sustained revenue. Yes, we help with the marketing and growth strategy too.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like what I'm serving up, be sure and follow me on Facebook @KyleCDammann and Instagram @KyleDMarketing. Also, check out my services page to consider one of my education programs, or marketing campaigns

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