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Winter Marketing Automation Update

“Action Expresses Priority” ~ Tony Robbins

For some, winter is a time for rest and recovery, while for others winter is a time for snowboarding and enjoying outdoor activities, and yet others will use the cold and dark months to work on infrastructure in prep for their next busy season.

To say we don’t have time for something is to say it’s not a priority. This is one of the first questions I ask our CEOs and leaders when it’s time to scale up their marketing, or trim down their costs with automations. So, what do you have time for?

Growing a business, or decreasing costs with automation means prioritizing the rollout of new systems, software, and process

es within your team and business. There is always a cost of doing something and there is also a cost of not doing something.

The good news is today’s automation tools are way cheaper and easier to use than they used to be. Today’s automation solutions can coordinate your entire “buyers journey” from their first touch point with your band all the way through to a repeat purchase and positive testimonial. What type of change are you ready for? Change takes time, money and always carries some degree of risk.

FACT: All change is met with some degree of resistance, that’s okay, it’s part of the process. Speaking of time, I clearly haven’t had much time for blogging as I’m only cranking out about 4 per year on this site, with no signs of needing to change that any time soon. This site is proof that you don’t need to blog regularly to keep your business full of customers and that's probably true for your business as well. Blogging can be a great strategy at a certain phase of your growth, but certainly not before your CRM (the hub that houses and manages your core automations) is built and nurturing leads and sales for you consistently. Quality precedes quantity of anything worthwhile. If you are going to pursue growth, be sure to consider whether or now what you are chasing is worthwhile and benefits your stakeholders in equal measure. What is your priority this week, this month this quarter? The best time to have a conversation about streamlining your marketing and business process automations is now. Today’s tools are all-inclusive, powerful, and easy for your team to use. Here are some of the ways today’s marketing and systems automation tools can help your business:

  • Stabilized lead flow

  • Increased lead flow

  • Decreased cost per lead

  • Decreased cost per customer acquisition

  • Increased order value

  • Increased lifetime customer value

  • Decreased dependency on fickle and expensive salespeople

  • Decreased customer service costs and return rate

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Increased volume of positive customer testimonials

What next steps are right for you?

  1. Decide what you want in your career and business.

  2. Have a conversation with your team about using marketing and systems automation in an increased capacity.

  3. Assemble a good plan together from someone who knows what they are doing.

If you would like help creating realistic plan and budget, set up a time to talk with us, or check out our progress accelerator programs.

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