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Our Team

Efficient, Experienced & Effective


A small team of experts who understand technology. Take note of the team below, we are what the new economy looks like.  We are professsional and adaptive, saving you money and time by skipping traditional methods, overhead and costs.

Kyle Dammann - Chief Marketing Strategy:  Blair County, PA native, he learned the ropes building early e-commerce websites for local businesses.  

Striking gold in 2004, he launched a motorcycle accessory website that climbed from $0 to $60,000 per month, in less than 2 years.  Did he get lucky, or could he repeat his early success?  From there he has helped several brands rise to the top of their industry, co-founded two companies, and has launched ten products to national/global distribution.  Kyle is a nomad, but happily calls earth his home planet. 


Brian Francouer - Senior Developer:  Brian has been sculpting the web before most of us had e-mail. His diverse experience in various programming languages means that whatever needs arise, we can source and build whatever is needed to produce results.  


Brian and Kyle have deployed many successful projects together, all working virtually. He lives with his family and works from home in Ashland, Kentucky.

Lauri Cockrell - Graphic Design & Social Media Strategy:  Lauri's marketing instincts are second to none.  She came up in the medical industry producing consistent and effective branding for large, multi-location medical organizations. 


These days she has opened her services to more small businesses and startups.   She knows the A-Z process, taking your ideas from concept, to a profitable and measurable, revenue generating digital asset.  Lauri lives in Altoona, Pa with her daughter Leah and husband Will.

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Hayley Flowers - Project Management Lead:  Nobody keeps the team on task better than Hayley.  She has a sharp instinct for keeping projects on schedule and to the point.  


Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, her knowledge of what actually makes a business "go," means your marketing is in good hands.  A Pittsburgh native, she lives in Oakmont. 

Rachel Lingenfelter - Social Media Manager: 2018 PSU Graduate with a Bacherlors in English literature. Her uncanny sense for the english language means your content will be on point.


To date, Rachel has helped manage 16 and counting social media accounts, and is ready to ensure your social media platforms send out clear, consistent and fresh messaging, week after week.  Rachel lives in Altoona, PA


Matt Ritchey - Growth Strategy:  When the marketing is deployed, and the sales start increasing, your team are the first ones to feel the added pressure. Matt grew up in a fast growth, family business environment and knows first hand the challenges that rapid growth brings to business and family alike.  


Matt became an expert in the team building space working with companies like Facebook, Air B&B and others. When we need special teams for a fast growth situation, Matt is one of the first ones on the field.  Matt lives in San Diego, Ca with his wife and daughter. 

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