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Thought Leadership And Content Creation

Has anyone seen Gary Vaynerchucks awesome new 270 page social media content creation deck? I just read it. Really good.

Here are my key takeaways

As entrepreneurs we must position ourselves as thought leaders in some area. Ironically, we all have areas of specialty that we ourselves often undervalue.

The new economy rewards people who are...
1. thought leaders and
2. content promoters.

It doesn't even have to be your own content!

Key Takeaways from Gary's 270 page content creation deck contd.

You can create content in easy steps. Essentially you can create one piece of content and "chop up" and distribute across your relevant platforms.

For instance start with a video, or a post like this, then take relevant sections and post to Facebook, Instagram and your blog. Same content, with slight adjustments for "platform context" but makes for an easy way to broaden your reach.

Some of you reading this already know this, but you are sitting on your hands. Here's why.

Likely Unliked

Finally, I think many of us are embarrassed when our posts don't get a lot of likes. Don't worry about that because when your new economy business is setup correctly, you can keep your client calendar full with posts that average 5-10 likes. Just like I do.

You don't even need to put out 64 pieces of content per day. LOL. I do 1-2 on average.

Get This Message

Don't wait to start your business, or launch that product.

If my 15 years of digital marketing experience has taught me anything, it's that now is the best time in history to start a home based business, or revamp your current business for the digital economy. It doesn't have to cost a lot, and you never have to go in debt creating a business these days.

Most of what we've been taught about entrepreneurship was given in a dusty college classroom with outdated curriculum. The world has changed, so should you income streams...... and most importantly your business strategy.

Tell your story today.

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